1. 10 LBS. Of Lean Muscle in 2 Months

    I started at Science of Fitness weighing about 120 lbs. After working out for a little while I have noticed I have gained about 30 lbs. of muscle and I have noticed a huge gain in my strength as well as a change in my body. The support and effort from the trainers keep me pushing myself to my best and beyond.…Read More

    Mike C.
  2. Thanks for all your support!

    I started my journey of Fitness since a bone marrow transplant in may of 2007. The Science of Fitness is a perfect match for me. I need the knowledge & expertise of my trainer Reggie. He is so very positive & encouraging to me. Im psyched to do well & he is also. I have quite a ways to go but I'm confident that with Science of fitness, I WILL SUCCEED! Thanks for all your support!…Read More

    Lisa S.
  3. Trainers interactions are great.

    I hurt my knees coming out of high school. 7 months later I was at my all time high of 310 pounds. After 5 months of training with Reggie and his staff my strength, endurance, sky rocketed with improvement. My weight is at 270 pounds . As for my knees I now have little to no pain. Science of Fitness is a daily routine for me now. It has helped me in many ways. Trainers interactions are great and s…Read More

    Islam Abad
  4. Improved my strength & toning.

    Ive been w/ Reggie for about a month & have improved my strength & toning. He can get me through all the routines w/ his encouragement. Will recommend to all my friends.…Read More

    Joni Brinkman
  5. Positive change.

    The system that Reggie has developed at Science of Fitness is by far the best program i have ever been apart of. Besides the reduction in fat, I learned how to workout and make wiser choices when it came to my eating habits. I would recommend the Science of Fitness approach to anyone seeking to make a positive change in their overall wellness.…Read More

    Shannon B.
  6. Very encouraging & helpful.

    I have been working w/ Reggie 2x a week sense the end of December. I have a long way to go but he is very encouraging & helpful. He is also working with my son 2x a week and they are working well together also. This is so much better than a gym.…Read More

    Rebecca L, 54
  7. I am feeling stronger and happier.

    I started working at Science of fitness several months ago and found this is the only place i could commit to after truing several others. They explain that what we do is a science and that makes sense to me. I am feeling stronger and happier.…Read More

    Cecilia Champ, 65
  8. Healthier eating and life style change.

    On February 2010, I began my healthier eating and life style change. Its been a year and 48 lbs. later, I’m feeling better. blood pressure normal and looking better. Science of Fitness has been a prayer answered for me . Reginald Stewart, owner and certified personal trainer has motivational. He holds me to accountability and owner ship of my physical fitness success. The lifestyle change is on …Read More

    Jeanette Williams, 61