The Highest Standards of Personal Training

Reginald Stewart is the gold standard of Personal Training and is why those in search of the best in personal training, choose Reggie Stewart over any other personal trainer or personal training service in the State of Florida. Most are pleasantly pleased to find the level of knowledge and professionalism provided by Science of fitness. The name Science of fitness was inspired by the desire to give clients a system based on sound knowledge, common sense and scientific findings. Lets face it, there are hundreds and even thousands of listed trainers and gyms that provide in house personal 
training. The fees are costly yet, that would be ok if that fee matched the level of service and experience provided. That is often not the case for most. Gyms often target trainers right out of school, with no experience, or hire trainers that have acquired overnight, online certifications so they can pay them pennies on the dollar. From a business standpoint this works great for the corporation, but it leaves the trainer with no motivation or incentive to do the very best by you the client. You invest your trust and hard earned monies in the belief that what you’re making is a wise investment in your health and future. What you ultimately get in return for your efforts are many months of having lost a lot of time and money but no weight. What sets Reggie apart from the “big gyms” and other “fitness trainers” is he doesn’t run his business like a gym. Reggie understands that in order to help a client truly reach their potential, he would have to call upon the help and guidance of others (Doctors, Chiropractors, Psychologist, Massage Therapist and Dietitians). What Reggie has created is a network of highly skilled and educated health professionals, brought together for their vast knowledge and experience in providing simple solutions to otherwise complex problems.
For years he has worked privately, behind the scenes for individuals and families, traveling from city to city, state to state and even out of the country to provide his skill set to clients who refuse to settle for anything less than the best. Reggie trains clients in their homes, community club houses, parks and recreations and even their local gym. Reginald Stewart is certified by what is considered the #1 standard of certifications in the world The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as well as The International Sports Science Association. A constant student Reggie is certified as a Certified Fitness Trainer, Senior Fitness Specialist, Exercise Therapy Specialist, Sports Nutritionist, and Applied Functional Science Specialist. Science of Fitness has quietly become a Top Rated national brand. Recognizing that anyone can go online and get a fly by night personal training certification, we wanted to make sure that clients were getting what they paid for. Professionalism, a educated and informed trainer, motivation and most of all – Results.