Reaching your goal is not as simple as hiring a Personal Trainer and showing up for your training sessions, yes it plays a vital part but has proven many times before, even more so than not, that you can do those things with consistency and not come close to achieving your goals. Reaching your goals is about discovering who you are as an individual, so that you can unleash the hidden potential to become the greatest version of yourself possible. Hiring a trainer to help you realize this is by far the most important aspect of your journey, yet it takes some time to truly understand who you are, where you’re going and how to get there. A great program is one that is designed to instill a new way of living. It embraces the concept of teaching one to know understand and listen to their bodies. While there may exist some trainers and wellness institutions that are versed in the art of designing programs and implementing those programs to perfection, your success will not be found in such a process alone. Your success will be found in knowing who you are as an individual, the ability to listen to your body, and gravitate toward the type of training style you most identify with.


Your journey starts with us setting you up with an initial consultation. During this consultation session we will sit down with you and go over your previously filled out Health History form, it’s at this time we will discuss your goals and address any concerns that you may have. Depending upon your health status, you may or may not need a doctor’s permission before engaging in a fitness program. Once we have determined that its ok to proceed, we perform a body fat assessment using only the most accurate methods of measurements (skinfold capula, circumference, medical grade scale) Lastly we take before and after photos to be viewed only by you for future comparison purposes (this is optional but highly recommend) All this information is gathered and up loaded on a secure, private website that you will have access to via your own personal username and password that you create.