Best Gym for Sports Specific Conditioning and weight loss in Palm Beach County. NOT many Programs do corrective work and address muscular, fascial and skeletal deficiencies like Science of fitness. Our Hybrid Therapy Specialist are extremely  knowledgeable in the human anatomy, and work together as a team to solve issues concerning our clients.

The Total Body Experience (TBE ) 

Is unlike any of the other fitness protocols in so much that we understand that exercise of any kind is both the process of breaking down  and rebuilding of the muscle tissue. Unfotunately, most program only focus on the breaking down process and neglect the rebuilding. What we have created is a program T.B.E (The Total Body Experience) that assist and allows the muscle to rebuild, recover and reactivate. We do this by incorporating a number of proven, science based modalities such as Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST), Muscle Activation Technique (MAT), and Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT).   Science of Fitness has long understood that true health and wellness is not found in simply taking on a fitness approach but rather a wellness and more holistic one. With our foundational DNA deriving from Personal Training, Science of fitness created The Total Body Experience (TBE) to address clients Fitness and nutritional needs while still placing an emphasis on recovery programming. TBE is designed to address many of the issues derived from the stresses of every day life. For you, that maybe knee and lower back issues from sitting at an office desk all day, or hip and leg discrepancy associated with riding horses for hours, for someone else; it maybe from the consequences of putting their bodies through the rigorous demands of life’s daily grind year after year. We understand that when your body is pushed to its physical limits that there is a gradual breakdown. This may come in the form of a sore, painful lower back, or maybe shoulder and/or neck issues. Whatever the discomfort or issue the TBE program was design to address, correct and improve you as a whole.

With award winning services like Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST),  Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy(MAT) AND Clinical Massage Therapy to compliment our ACSM Top Level Personal Training, What more could you ask for from a wellness Program?