Productive Nutrition

What is Science of fitness? Science of fitness was built upon the backbone of personal training. However, The founder Reginald Stewart shys away from the notion of referring to himself and the services he provides as simply “personal training” No, what science of fitness has done is taken a holistic approach to well being. The foundation of the program has morphed to focus on the SCIENCE aspects of Science of fitness and in doing so; has allowed us to gain a better perspective on what is required for our clients and patients to reach their goals in a safe, effective and efficient manner.

So what is the Science?

IF your were to look at it from a nutrition stand point, w/ weight loss being the driving force for clients goals. Understanding that what you consume and/or place in your body, accounts for 65% of whether you are successful or not. A healthy eating plan cant be over emphasized. Science of fitness recommend you stop with the dieting.

The Science

  • Commercial weight loss program experience a 98% failure rate! Why…?
    • Because people who restrict calories lose healthy lean muscle …not fat.
  • Once they resume normal eating habits….the weight returns! Why…?
    • Because the body has adjusted to its new lower caloric intake. That’s Yo-Yo dieting
  • You can NOT starve fat off your body. Why…?
    • Because fat does NOT need to be fed. Since pre-historic times, your body has been a n efficient fat-fat-storage mechanism.
  • The “Cure- all “ diet is a hoax! Why…?
    • Because the everyone is genetically different. Each person processes food and activity differently.


  • The 3P’s (proper nutrition, productive exercise and positive motivation) is the only valid techniques to achieve long-term weight -management. Why…?
    Because it’s a physiological fact that the only way to lose body-fat (and not muscle) is through exercise supported by nutrition and motivation
  • Proper nutrition Productive exercise Positive motivation

Productive Exercise

There are many different trainers with many different styles and approaches but what Science of Fitness has long understood is that it should never be about the intricacies of the trainer alone but more importantly, the specific needs of the persons seeking his or her services. Your trainer should be highly skilled and required to carry the industries top certifications and license. Because we understand that not all trainers are considered equal, you can be assured that the services we provide will be provided by some of the most educated and skilled professionals in the industry.

We’ve Paved The Path For Your Success

  • Convenience: Trainers will come to you.
  • Goal Oriented: Sessions will be life specific, addressing the needs laid out during your fitness assessment.
  • Interesting: Every session will be different yet progressive and designed to force the body to respond to the demands being placed on it.
  • Consistency: You will have an opportunity to have home work assigned to you via your personal App on days you’re not scheduled with your trainer or are out of town.
  • Accountability: Scheduled Assessments, Measurements, Before and After Pictures, etc.
  • Team Work: We have acquired a network of some of the best professional in their respective industries to insure you have the support system intact to accomplish yours goals. They include: psychologist, nutritionist, dietitians, Personal Trainers, Body workers, chiropractors, yoga instructor, and Massage therapist.