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Per Session: $ 200

Need us to come to you? Add a 20% convience fee

Elite PT is the highest level of personal training and coaching. All workouts are science based and structured to bring out the best of your capabilities. Session last 50 minute and begins by first obtaining participants numbers via state of the art body composition testing (inbody 270) after gathering the necessary information we then determine both your strengths and limitations as well as your bodies ability to move in space by conducting and recording the results of a full body functional movement test.

Sci-Fit Elite Personal Training

Personal Training

Per 90 min Session: $ 350

Much different from an Elite PT session, the Pro version is a 90 minute session and is a combination of both elite level Personal Training and Therapeutic Body Work. Sessions are progressive in nature meaning we begin at the lowest level of your abilities and slowly build off that. You learn to listen to your body while discovering strengths and capabilities you didn’t think exist. Atypical session may have you doing light weight resistance training in the gym one day and training at the beach the next. No two training sessions are the same and differ depending on your lifestyle or sport.

PRO Elite Personal Training

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