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Traction is a major component of the treatment. The therapist will apply gentle traction to the joint being targeted, opening up the joint and creating space for increased range of motion before taking the limb through the movement pattern, paying attention to the fascia restrictions that may need to be addressed. It is pretty pain free for the client, although some areas can be intense or uncomfortable if it is really restricted. The therapist will work slow through these areas and stay within your comfort zone.

Fascial Stretch Therapy and Therapeutic Fascial Mobility is an assisted stretching and mobility program that has been researched and proven by scientists and experts in the field. FST is performed on a treatment table with straps to hold the customer in place which allows one to relax and enjoy the stretch process. The client feels more comfortable and is able to relax easier by not feeling like they are going to roll off the table.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Sessions bookable from
30 mins- 120 mins.
Prices range from $75- $480.

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