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Most clients seek or are recommended by their doctor or come to us after being released from the care of their physical therapist. The reason for this is simple: though patients are able to function enough to resume on with life, most still suffer from the effects of their injury and are prevented from living life at the level they were before the heart attack, stroke or accident took it away from them. A fitness therapist role is to make sure that you’re safe and void of any contraindicated exercises or movements as you continue your comeback journey. Fitness therapy sessions combine muscle strengthening, stretching, and balancing techniques just to name a few, to help each client establish safe exercise patterns.

This Fitness Therapy program (not be confused with physical therapy) is a restorative process in which we help individuals regain their strength, ability to function normally and move with confidence, confidence to ride a horse again after taking a life-altering fall or a stroke survivor restoring strength and symmetry back in their arm after muscle atrophy.

Exercise Therapy

Our program is an adaptive program and designed to provide a disabled client the opportunity to participate in fitness activities that are not otherwise easily performed. The goal of a fitness therapy session for a client with a disability is to improve fitness, mobility, and self- efficacy.

*This program is designed for virtually anyone with a disability. Clients must consult a physician for approval before undertaking any exercise program or engaging in a new activity.

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