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As someone who has dissected and studied his share human cadavers I noticed that no two humans are alike. Yes, we are more similar than we are different but there are differences and those differences matter. Ive found Equestrians to be a great example of that. There can not be a specific style of conditioning for equestrians because they all come with their on set of challenges regardless of how successful they’ve been in their discipline or not.

My goal with individuals within this sport has always been to individualize my programming depending on the requirements of the individual I’m working with. It all starts with an assessment. The gathering of information from day one is critical to setting and reaching goals set. Testing is not only used to get numbers like body weight , fat content etc. but also to learn if there are any imbalances within the body like hip and should discrepancies or muscle atrophy. We do both Active and Resting Metabolic Rate Testing to determine breathing capacity or maximal Heart Rate Reserve (MHRR). Yes, we do a lot when it comes to our programming but that is what you as an athlete should come to expect.

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