1. Science Of Fitness Home Trainer FL

    Science of Fitness was created by Reginald Stewart. He is the creator of hp fitness. Hp fitness refers to horsepower. Reginald has worked with equestrian riders and has made personal fitness plans for each of them to build the strength and stamina they need to do what they love to do. At Science of Fitness we also focus on individual health. If you are new to being healthy and need to get a boost …Read More

  2. Fitness Trainer FL

    Are you ready to start your new years resolution early? At Science Of Fitness Inc. we are ready for you! Our training locations are coming soon but will be located in FL. We want you to have the total body experience with a fitness trainer.  Reggie Stewart is the owner of Science Of Fitness Inc. and can explain to you exactly what it is that is best for every single person, and help you reach the…Read More

  3. Get a Personal Trainer Wellington

    If you are in need of a trustworthy at home personal trainer in Wellington, FL 33414 give Science of Fitness a call! We can give you the total body experience that you have been needing.  When you give us a chance here at Science of Fitness in Wellington, FL, you will find that we are very experienced and can help you succeed to reach all of your fitness goals. We want you to benefit as much as y…Read More