Science of Fitness was created by Reginald Stewart. He is the creator of hp fitness. Hp fitness refers to horsepower. Reginald has worked with equestrian riders and has made personal fitness plans for each of them to build the strength and stamina they need to do what they love to do. At Science of Fitness we also focus on individual health. If you are new to being healthy and need to get a boost to get started don’t worry because we offer home training in 33414,FL.

We care about our clients and your health. Your well-being is important to all of us here at Science of Fitness. We offer nutrition plans and can coach you through what health is compared to unhealthy eating habits. All of our personal trainers in Wellington are educated in nutrition and personal fitness. We care about our clients goals ,wellness, and nutritional Independence.

If you would like to schedule and appointment with one our trainers you can go online to our website and read about our personal trainers who make a difference. You can also read more about nutrition plans that we offer on a daily and monthly basis. Contact us by email or phone to get started today!